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2019 – Kids Computer Classes Ahmedabad

Learn Best Kids Computer Classes at across the Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Learn Basic Computer Training Individual / Personal Classes services at Ahmedabad with very Affordable Price.

Introduction to computer

What is computer?
Microsoft Excel Entering Excel

Introduction to computer
MS-Word 2000/XP
MS-Excel 2000/XP
E-mail & Internet

Some useful terms

  • Multiplication / Division + Addition – Subtract > Greater than

< Less than >= Greater than equal to <= Less than equal to

Entering Date
Create a new Workbook.
Saving, Opening, Closing, RE-saving, Page Setting, Previewing the documents
Copying, Moving, finding, replacing the data:
Creating serial number
Deleting Data
Deleting the worksheet
Moving data from one book to another book or form one sheet to another sheet
Adding header/footer
Inserting cells, rows, columns or worksheet
Inserting chart:
Breaking page:
Using function
Inserting picture
Changing number format
Arranging data
Changing font, font’s style and fonts size
Adding border and shading
Changing width and height of rows and columns
Hiding or displaying rows or columns or sheet
Changing sheet name
Inserting background picture
Apply auto format to worksheet
Displaying or hiding gridlines
Sorting data in ascending or descending order
Filtering data
Converting text into column
How to do page set up
How to print preview:
How to view formula bar:
Splitting windows
Freezing windows

  • Internet
  • What is internet?
  • Requirement To Access Internet
  • Steps of surfing the net:
  • Favorites
  • Add to favorites
  • Internet option
  • View
  • Tool bar
  • Text size
  • Source
  • E-mail:
  • What is email?
  • Advantages of e-mail
  • Internet Mai
  • (Hotmail, Yahoo, Rediff etc)
  • Email (pop)
  • Set up new account
  • Identity Management and Creation
  • Import mails from backup
  • Edit
  • View
  • Tools
  • Send and receive
  • Address Book
  • Message rules
  • Account
  • Option
  • Message
  • New Message
  • Reply to sende

We provide Kids Computer training at all areas like Shahubag, Vadaj, Ranip, Girdharnagar, Sola, Naranpura, Bopal, Chandkheda, Chankyapuri , Satellite, Prahladnagar, Nehrunagar Areas and many more.

For More Information Call us : Mehul Panchal : 9510352807 / 8200620335

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